Old City Hall Toronto

Like my boss always says “Eh… good enough, I guess”

I’ve made a few attempts at trying to get a shot of Old City Hall in Toronto, but it’s quite tricky due to there being masses of poles, wires, lights, and all kinds of other unappealing objects around it.

I went with my 24-70mm lens in hopes of taking a wide angle close to some plants at the Eaton’s Centre. Doing so would potentially have the plants covering up any vehicles or food trucks, and then the building would rise from that. One of those “strategic foreground” techniques. Unfortunately the flower arrangements at the Eaton’s Centre are all spread out in a way that can’t adequately cover the visual debris.

Accepting defeat on that front, I opted instead to go with a shot of just the upper portion, blended in with the much more modern architecture behind it.

I took this with my 50mm lens, shooting at 1/160 and f8 with an ISO of 200.

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