Red squirrel


I thought the big tough black and grey squirrels had muscled all red squirrels out of Southern Ontario, but it seems there are still some pockets where you can find the cute little scamps.  Cootes Paradise is one such pocket where I met Philippe, who was quite weary of me, given that I am a gigantic strange beast.

However, I’m a gigantic strange beast that came prepared with seeds and peanuts, which Philippe was very much agreeable to, so we ended up hanging out for a while. We discussed the finer things as mosquitos made short work of my ankles, then we said our goodbyes and carried on with life.

I took this with my 70-200mm lens, shooting at 1/160 and f4.5 with an ISO of 500. I like that the colours of the sky and trees are reflecting in Philippe’s eye.

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