Raccoons are a shifty bunch, and if they ever opt to show their face around me, it tends to be when I’m without a camera. While strolling through the woods, I heard some noise behind me and spotted two raccoons crossing the path.

I didn’t have much time to react, so I tried to figure out where they were going, and focused for that spot. Sure enough, one went by along a log. I framed that spot in hopes that the second would follow the same path, and here we are.

I had to boost up the shadows a fair bit, as the light was not in my favour and coming in strong from behind the subject.

I took this with my 70-200mm lens, shooting at 1/250 and f5.6 with an ISO of 1100.

One thought on “August 14 – Jamie

  1. What a shot. I love the focus, the movement, the feeling that I’m also in the woods, and the fluffy-wuffy fur

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