Spencer Smith Park Navy Memorial

Thanks Grandpa

About 70 years ago, give or take a day, Japan surrendered in World War II, bringing the entire messy affair to an end.  Official closure came a few weeks later when the surrender documents were signed on September 2, 1945. Six years ago, give 22 days, my grandfather Jack passed away in High River Alberta, where he made a name for himself by opening a clothing store, playing music for all kinds of events, and volunteering for various things in the High River community. Prior to all of that, he served in the Royal Canadian Navy and did his part to help bring the world conflict to a close.

My upbringing didn’t involve too much interaction with my grandparents, as my parents had moved to Ontario while every other family member stayed in Alberta or British Columbia. Because of this, we saw them in person only once every few years.  Still, I recall one year when my grandparents come to Ontario for a visit, and we went to Spencer Smith Park in Burlington to look at a navy memorial that had been put up. We looked at all the ships listed on the memorial and found his, which I thought was pretty cool at the time. Being like, 10 years old or so, the notion of a statue in Burlington Ontario having the name of a boat that a man in High River Alberta was on seemed confusing, but I’ll chalk that up to not really grasping the scope and importance of those six years.

I went for an early ride to the park today and took some time to sit by the monument and think about my grandpa, and I’m glad I did. The only memories I have of him are with him smiling, and I’m hoping that’s what he was going for.

I took this with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/1250 and f5.6 with an ISO of 100. Admittedly a background of water would be more fitting, but the monument is pretty far back from the lake and elevated, so that would prove fairly difficult.

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