Skyline Beauty

Skyline Beauty

This was a tight one to get up here. I am a day late, but I like to think I have a pretty good reason. Currently we are in the car heading to Montreal. It is the trip home which is a little sad, but we both believe that it is time. Vahida is driving for a spell before we get into the insanity that is Montreal.

Yesterday was a big day. After driving through Cape Breton on Friday, we knew we couldn’t just leave and had to spend another day. We reworked plans to allow for us to spend the day there and then grab a hotel in the area. Then we would drive to Edmunston, and finally, home on Monday. This changed again though.

When we got to the Cabot Trail we took some time to shop for gifts – both for ourselves and for family and friends. Then we headed to what I believe is the most popular trail – the Skyline Trail. This one takes you up into the mountains and then out to an incredible view of the ocean and the road. If you do the entire loop it amounts to 9.7 kilometers. Not being one to half do things, we did the loop in its entirety which when you include the walk to and from the car hit, 10.6km. By this point we were tuckered out, and after a delicious corned beef sandwich, we decided to wave goodbye to our new love, Cape Breton (and Nova Scotia), and start the journey home.

Our new plans: drive to Moncton and find a hotel to crash at.

This plan saw us in Moncton at 10:00pm. We didn’t factor in that it was a Saturday and without a reservation, a hotel was not to be found. We took back to the road and towards Fredricton where there was a room at a little dive motel. Midnight struck as we were pulling in and once into the room, we picked sleep over anything else.

Tonight will will get some time in Montreal before the trip officially ends. To those who have any plans on making a trip this way, all I can say is how much I recommend it. From the scenery, landscapes and food, to the friendly, warm and welcoming people, this was a trip to remember. Nova Scotia has truly stolen our hearts.

Canon 7D, shooting at 1/400 of a second, F16, and ISO 200. The day was incredible, and the weather just perfect.

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