Man and woman walking by a sunset

I’ll admit I was being a creeper and looking like I was shooting something else to the left of them but because I had a wide angle lens they were in the shot.

Lately I’ve been feeling that my wide angle game is really weak. I’ve been very heavy into the super close Macro stuff, or mad zoomed in with my megalens.

Now, most photo enthusiasts wound respond to such thoughts with “Well, I don’t do wide angle. I’m not into landscapes and stuff, so it’s not my jam. There is nothing wrong with that.”

To all of those fine folk I say “Darn right. You do you, and you enjoy it.” However, it is difficult for me to follow the same advice because I begin thinking that I’m incapable of it rather than choosing not to do it, and that frustrates me. Why am I incapable? What’s holding me back? Can I overcome this? I’ll just have to try, and find out.

So while I do my damndest to open my wheelhouse to host a wide range of things that will hopefully qualify as “good enough”, those other photo enthusiasts will master their niche with stunning creations masterfully perfected.

Oh well.

I was at the beach hoping to get a sunset picture, but the cloud situation was minimal, and while a bare sun going down past the horizon alone is still a pleasure to watch in its own right, it has a fairly barren feel compared to when a slew of clouds soak up all the different colours.

As I was getting all huffy and stuffy over the feeling of not having enough to work with, a couple that was going for a swim started heading back to the beach. I walked along the beach a little bit until I was at a point where they were about to intersect the sun coming down, and had my subject matter. After looking at the shots of just the sunset compared to the one with the subjects in it, I preferred this one.

I shot this with my 24-70mm lens, zoomed at 35mm. Shutter speed was 1/1000 at an aperture of f6.3 and ISO 100. This exposed for the sky, rendering the two people who were in shadow into silhouettes, which was intended.

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