Sunset on the water

Yeah that ain’t bad

Some say there’s nothing like a sunset on a clear day.

I have no source to quote on that, nor can I actually recall hearing that statement. I believe that sounds like something someone could say though, so I will stand by my claim with pride.

I don’t mind clouds, though. If it’s a pure thick overcast, that might sour things, but on evenings like the one I’ve captured here, I’m quite happy with a series of dark brushstrokes overlaying a vibrant orange blast. It also works to showcase that a wide angle isn’t always required to get a shot with something of a “scenic” look. I make this statement because that’s what I truly believe, and not because I forgot to bring my wide angle lens and thus have to justify my actions.

Well, have a good night.

I took this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/1000 and f5.6, with an ISO of 100.

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