Bryan Mehi

In mere minutes, this man would be breaking laws

I got a message from this dude asking if I wanted to go check out some waterfalls in the Hamilton area. My answer to that was “Totes Malotes”.

As I sat by a river taking very bland and uninteresting shots of something that was really cool looking, I glanced over and noticed he was sitting on a log in a pretty cool “Just out in the woods” style. I get that we were just out in the woods, so there shouldn’t be anything shocking or revolutionary about my discovery, but nevertheless, it was something that got my attention, so I proceeded to make him super uncomfortable for a couple of minutes as I just squatted in front of him with my lens in his face making minimal noises aside from an occasional “Look over there…. Smile…. Now laugh…. Stop laughing…. …. DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT!”.

You know, usual comfortable and normal photographer-subject banter.

I took this with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/50 and f2.8 with an ISO of 800.

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