Lilys in a pond

I can’t think of a caption

Tiny Marsh is a misleading name. While sizeable as a baseline, the sense of scale really opens up when you discover after an hour of walking that you need to go to the bathroom, and the only facilities for that are at the parking lot way back yonder.

I won’t dwell on that, though. It just seems to be a trend with me and new large sparsely bathroomed environments, so that’s on me to start planning better.

The marsh had some really nice lilies in the calm water. It reminded me of a painting that used to hang in my old home in Burlington.  There isn’t an extremely compelling reason for that, other than that I guess lilies were involved. The similarities pretty much ended there.

I framed this so that I had just one yellow flower present in order to make the impact and contrast of it among the greens stand out much more predominantly than if there had been several in the shot. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a wise choice, but hey, at least it means I was putting thought into it at the time!

I took this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/1000 and f14, with an ISO of 800. I had it all the way down to f14 in order to keep as much in focus as possible, since I was zoomed in all the way to 600mm. The 1/1000 was to account for the subsequent shake and instability that is presented at such a length. The vibration reduction feature of the lens helps a lot, but even then, handholding that monstrosity with a high resolution sensor makes picking up shake or blur way easier than desired.

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