Double exposure of girl and trees

I probably should have cashed in on this overcast day to do proper portraits

Haven’t done one of these in about 6 months. I went out for a walk today with Lauren and some of her family. Near the end of the stroll, I was thinking about the overcast white sky and the many different backgrounds around us by way of cityscape, treeline, bridges, and whatnot, and though I’d give some double exposure work a go. Hadn’t bothered with this since I did one for my mom, as I believe shortly after that I looked it up on Pinterest, saw a plethora, and felt extremely unoriginal for a while.

Well that wore off, and I now know to avoid Pinterest, so let’s do it again! Hopefully better this time, because why repeat the same thing over again if I can’t improve myself?

I am a bit more pleased with this one, especially since it was very impromptu and thus had no preparation or coordination (Factors that absolutely work against improvement in most situations). Still, I’ve yet to decide to do this kind of shot when I’ve had the ideal set piece for the second exposure.

As a refresher, this kind of double exposure works by combining two shots into one with an overlay process. Basically the light/colour values of both images add together. However once you reach pure white, there’s nothing more that can be added (or subtracted in the case of shadow). Because of that, the area that is pure white in one shot will be pure white in the other. Same goes the other way. So when I take a shot of a person against a pure white background, only the space their body took up will stay in the final image. For the second shot, only the space taken up by the landscape/trees will stay. What you get for the final image is only the spots where the body and background overlapped in the frame.  FUN!

I took this with my 90mm lens, shooting at 1/100 and f6.3, with an ISO of 100. I had the softbox of a nice cloudy day to provide super soft and pretty lighting.

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