September 30 – Chuck

The weather is getting cooler and work is getting crazier. It is making me remember Vahida and I’s summertime vacation and how worry free it was. This shot was taken at the Montreal Botanical Gardens in the Chinese section. Vahida was walking off ahead of me, mostly because I stopped to take pictures and she […]

September 29 – Chuck

This was a last minute shot for the night. I decided that I would go for another steam shot, but this time something a little more crazy – pouring into the cup. At first things went pretty standard for this shot. I recently picked up a piece of plexiglass and painted the bottom black to […]

September 29 – Jamie

A while back I posted a picture of a Cormorant unloading to express my disdain for a memory card “crapping out”. After all was said and done, I never revisited things in terms of actual proper decent shots of said bird. Which is funny, because concern over losing those shots was the main reason behind […]

September 28 – Chuck

On the way home from Nakina, outside some town that I can’t remember exactly, there is an old truck. I’ve posted some pictures from 2013 that I took of this truck before, but this year when Vahida and I were driving back, we stopped for another photo round. This time, I grabbed this shot of […]

September 27 – Chuck

Today was a bit of a fail, and I am going to embrace that fact. While we were doing our weekly laundry this morning, I took some time to take a shot. I enlisted Vahida’s help with the grand plan of the infamous full set steam shot. We set about getting the things set up, […]

September 27 – Jamie

This is an Indigo Bunting… I think. Yesterdays little mishap on naming has me unsure of what to believe in this crazy world. In any case, I’m pretty sure it’s an Indigo Bunting, which is some subrelative of the cardinal. It didn’t stay still too much, so I’m pretty happy I was able to get […]

September 26 – Chuck

Here is a quickie today of the sunflowers that are still kicking around rather well. We had a pretty busy Saturday that involved a lot of store hoping and a little bit of shopping. We bought a streamer because I am a little tired of ironing, but it turns out, for the shirts I have, […]

September 26 – Jamie

I initially thought this was an oft neglected sparrow. Commonplace seemingly everywhere that has a bush or tree, these little things tend to get dismissed or ignored. Then I noticed the pattern on the body didn’t really match with a female sparrow, so I did a bit of looking around, and I think this might […]