Nothing special

Like I said, they can’t all be winners.

This one we will file under the failure pile, of which I think is now only at 2. For 8 months, that’s not a ratio that will upset me.

There’s a monument out in front of the Air Canada center that is essentially three different spires riddled with star shaped holes. I’ve been eying it for a few days and walking around it at lunch to see if there would be an interesting way to position it under the sun. I finally took my camera out today to get some different angles with the sun coming through one of the star holes. Star in a star, clever, right?

Looking at the pictures after the fact, the result looks like a very tacky photoshop flare effect. I guess I can give props to the Adobe team, as if this looks so much like bad photoshop, I guess that means their rendered filters look like real starbursts.

In any case, the feel I was looking for when I took these shots was definitely not what resulted. Hopefully I can go back some time in the future and attempt something different with that structure that won’t be such a disservice.

I took this with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/160 and f9, with an ISO of 100. The flare has been cropped out so that it wouldn’t ruin everything quite as badly.

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