Burlington Bay

Can I get like, a fog horn or something going here?

Those two towers and that one arch are the only ways to get across the Burlington Bay/Hamilton Harbour (I think we just call it Burlington Bay because nobody bothers correcting us and saying that isn’t a thing). Without those two structures, travel between this area would need to wrap all around the harbour and go through Hamilton  in order to wrap around and get back on track towards the destination.

Just over a year ago, a dump truck with a raised box crashed into the Skyway bridge (arched one), closing it down for a few days. All traffic had to detour to the lift bridge (towers) during that period, and it… it wasn’t a great time for anyone.

This incident made me properly understand just how important it was to target bridges or keep them safe (depending on your side) in wars. They are so critical to keep things moving. Be it supply lines, or just everyday traffic. The amount of detours that would be required if we never figured out bridges would be crazy. Mind you, if we couldn’t get that locked down, we probably wouldn’t have figured out cars either, so…

I took this in the morning while there was still a light haze. Shot with a 24-70mm lens, at 1/800 and f4.5 with an ISO of 100

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