Boxes in boxes

All da gurls in da club gettin’ tipsy

My friends and I went to the Art Gallery of Hamilton today. When Susan typed “AGH” in the chat, I thought she was shocked and appalled at the last thing I had suggested we visit, but it turns out she meant we should go to the Art Gallery. Or it was a happy coincidence. Either way, we went to the art gallery.

Along with the showcase of their 100 mainstays of work on the second floor, the first floor was showing the “Are you experienced” exhibit. I’m not sure what the experience in question was, but odds are high that I’m not. Either way, we embarked and enjoyed.

I didn’t bring my camera with me because I didn’t expect a need for it. Photographing someone else’s art in a gallery would have felt like a copout, and it was hot balls out there today, so biking without a backpack seemed like a better life decision.

There was one section dedicated to squares, which was one of my two favourites. Each piece incorporated squares or cubes in some way that was up front and thematic, yet each one was radically different in of itself, which was really cool. Describing this won’t really do much justice, so I’ll just cut that out and suggest you go to the AGH. It’s only 10 bucks for admission, and also very air conditioned. Also they’ll still let you in even when you’re a poorly dressed hot mess, so… no excuses.

Part of the square area had a section to put your thoughts on post-its or for kids to draw certain themes. I noticed a bunch of boxes on the table all piled in each other, and tried to position it in a neat way under the lights. After a few shrugs and internal “This will do”‘s, I took this with my phone and deemed it satisfactory. One shot, one day. (Wait, that’s not true. I also took this today)

I took this with my Lumia 1020, shooting at 1/25 and f2.2, with an ISO of 400.  Thanks, Optical Image Stabilization!

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