Pac Man made of candy

Deference for Darkness

I dunno what to tell you. I know there isn’t anything photographically fancy going on, but I just had a desire to create something, and that’s a desire that comes with less and less frequency these days, so I’m glad I actually managed to get around to it.

While living a healthy lifestyle by making sure my M&Ms have peanut butter in them instead of just chocolate, I pulled one out of the fun-size bag that had a chunk missing. A chunk missing in a way that instantly reminded me of Pac Man. This was delightful in of itself, but perhaps there was a way to do more with this. A way to make something with this. Something like an excuse to buy more candy.

I immediately thought about recreating a chunk of the Pac Man game out of candy, and went to the gas station to assess potential materials.

Nerds, Cherry Blasters, Skittles, Some gross “Blue Raspberry” tubes, and better get some Fuzzy Peaches in case the Cherry Blasters don’t work out. I realized this was a gross amount of candy, so in order to not make myself look bad, I tried to explain to the cashier that this wasn’t for consuming so much as recreating a scene from Pac-Man. In retrospect, I don’t think that helped my image.

I took this with my 50mm lens shooting at 1/50 and f4 with an ISO of 100. There was a Spiderlight on full blast coming in from the right side. Sorry ladies, I’m taken.

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