Ashtray on a tree

A hilarious abomination

I don’t feel like getting overly preachy here, so I’ll just say that smoking disgusts me. It’s repulsive. When people do it near me it’s infuriating. When people flick their smokes away after they’re done as if it’s totally fine to just leave their trash for someone else to deal with, I get unreasonably irate. The only time I tend to appreciate a smoker is when I only discover they smoke because they mention it, and I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

I saw a statistic recently that we are at an all time low in terms of percentage of adults that smoke. Something like 17%. While that’s nice to hear, I’m pretty sure that 17% in Burlington makes up the complex I live in. Everyone here smokes. Doesn’t matter if they’re waiting for the bus to come or waiting for their child to be born, nothing stops people in this area from smoking. In fact, as if on queue, the smell of smoke from my neighbour is wafting in to my office window right now.

I accept that this is the downside to my current living situation. And all things considered, things could be much worse. So all in all I’m content, and at least have a goal of buying a place that is separated far enough from the neighbours that I won’t notice (Or they just smoke inside. Whatever.)

I thought I was maybe exaggerating in the first few months here, and just over embellishing the amount of smoking going on. That was before I found the ashtree.

There is such an abundance of smoking in this complex, that they have opted to affix ash trays onto the natural scenery here. Let that sink in.

I took this with my 50mm lens, shooting at 1/50 and f5.6, with an ISO of 100.

If there is the off chance that you are a smoker reading this, and don’t like my thoughts, or felt we were friends and are saddened to hear this, I offer my sympathies to your feelings. At the same time though, you’re an adult. Get over it. Also, you’re an adult, and you’re supposed to make grown up decisions now. Stop smoking, you idiot.

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