Mmmmm, outdoors

A couple of my buddies and I decided to go for a hike today, which is a wonderful way to spend a quiet and slightly damp Sunday afternoon.

As tends to be the theme of adventures with my buddy Bryan, we went down a steep path that wasn’t actually made for travel, ended up in a spot we probably weren’t supposed to be, eventually found our way back into the right area, and climbed something that apparently isn’t meant for climbing any more. Standard Sunday hike.

During the finale of the trip, we came upon some waterfalls, which was pretty nice. I figured I’d try and get close and get a shot. We’d been to a waterfall before, but with the dry hot summer going on, there wasn’t much more than a trickle. Thanks to some heavy rain the past few days, this one had some good flow going.

I took this with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 2 seconds with an f22 aperture and ISO 50. There’s going to be some image degradation going on with an aperture that small, but I didn’t have an ND filter or anything, so I had to do everything I could to get a longer shutter duration which would cause the falling water to smooth out.

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