Spotted Towhee

Them’s the devils eyes!

This potentially sinister looking guy (or gal, it’s tricky to distinguish gender with these ones for me) is a Spotted Towhee. And you may or may not be thinking “Oh, a straight up bird picture. I remember those from some bygone era”.

That’s because it’s BIRD WEEK, son! And you may or may not be thinking “Oh, it’s Wednesday”.

Bird Week doesn’t feel the need to cater to your archaic calendar standards! Bird Week follows its own rules and runs a unique operation that also just happens to run in a seven day format that might as well use the same nomenclature already established in order to reduce confusion!

In any case, I’ve held back on any bird pictures for a month or so because it started to be all anyone would talk to me about. Not in general, of course. But on the topic of me and picture taking, it was just about “bird pictures” instead of “pictures”. This was alarming to me, because the goal of this year wasn’t to take bird pictures (even if the first picture of the year was a bird picture). Worried that I might be limiting myself via an avian crutch, I decided to do what I could to make sure I wasn’t just posting more and more pictures of birds.

The discovery from that was my ability to quickly just find some other crutch, which this time came in the form of macro shots of insects. Sigh.

Nevertheless, not posting pictures of birds didn’t mean I wasn’t taking pictures of birds. That endeavour has resulted in a little nest egg to keep things updated while I venture off to California for a week. I’ll be taking my gear with me, and priority one will be to not get it all stolen while in San Fran. Priority two will be to use it and take shots. However, I’m not sure what my internet or computer situation will be during the trip, so I’ve set up this backlog of assorted birds as a safety net.

This kickoff was taken with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/1000 and f14, with an ISO of 1000. I have taken a Towhee shot before, and expressed similar issues then about trouble identifying gender, but I wanted to take a shot again with a new lens and less of a foggy day.

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