There is no nut they cannot hatch.

White Breasted Nuthatches are pretty common throughout a lot of North America. They aren’t exactly seasonal, and I guess just find a place to hang out and keep on hanging out. A lot like chickadees.

Their diet is mostly insects, but they’ll get some seed going if it happens to be sitting around. In fact, if you’re wandering along the Cherry Hill area of the Burlington Royal Botanical Gardens, the ones there are so chill they’ll actually eat out of your hand if you’re patient enough.

I wasn’t patient enough.

Also, here’s an obligatory photo of it looking mad at me.


Sooooo angry

I took this with my 70-200mm lens, shooting at 1/500 and f4 with an ISO of 2000. While it was a bright day, this one was on the underside of a branch, concealed by the shade.

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