Option 2

Rising Sun

Vahida and I are not in agreement on today’s shot. I took two versions and I like one, and she likes the other. To help us figure out what one should be the winner, we thought we would have a little vote and see what one people like more. To keep it far though, I am not going to tell you what one I like, and what one she likes.

Cast your vote on Facebook. Option 1, or Option 2.

Last week we bought some sunflowers and today I finally got around to taking a shot of one. I wanted to make this a black and white shot. This was a three flash shot. Two for the flower, and one for the background. Took a bit of work, but with some testing I finally got there. This was also a focus stack shot, and a combination of 15 or 16 shots in all. It was a fun one to work on.

Canon 7D, 1/100 of a second, F13, and ISO 100. Today was a beautiful day.


Thanks for voting! Option 2 was the winner, but it was a close vote. Here is the other shot below.

Option 1

Option 1

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