Adolescent Blue Jay


Even though it is farther and farther away with every passing day, nobody seems to forget the cold hard truth that adolescence is generally extremely difficult. It doesn’t help that we surround ourselves with dogs and cats. I mean, it totally does because dogs are awesome and cats are things too. But when you look at the timeline of those animals, they start out super adorable, then they grow a bit to be super cute, and then they tend to just be adorable, cute, and awesome all at once, or cats.

Where are the zits? Where’s the voice cracking? They start out as uncoordinated, and then just get better at it from there. Or even if they don’t, is seen as cute instead of awkward.

This year I discovered that when it comes to having something to relate to for the harsh cruel road to adulthood, birds are a solid bet. Their faces essentially just melt off as the feathers on their body flourish, resulting in a haggard combination that first made me think “Oh dear, what happened to that poor thing?” before a bit of discovery led me to realize that this is just a normal thing that birds go through.

Admittedly, it only lasts about a season for them, while humans have to endure our horrible phase over the course of years, but we also landed opposable thumbs, so… I’ll take it.

I got this shot with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/800 and f6.3, with an ISO of 3200.

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