Man walking along cliff

That’s one way to get on to a golf course.

Most of the time to walk the fair ground of a prestigious golf course, you need to have a nice polo shirt, come from old money, and own land/people. However, this guy used a much more affordable method to gain access. He took the “This golf course is beside a public beach and these hills aren’t TOO steep” method, which looks to be a good way to handle things.

Since this was pre-sunrise, there weren’t many people out and about on either the beach or the links. I kept glancing over at this guys little morning journey, and as he got up near the cliff edge, I like the way he looked extremely small around his surroundings.

I was struggling on whether to make this black and white or colour. I know there isn’t much going on here, which is what happens when it’s an overcast day looking away from a not-yet-sunrise. But there was a slight violet to the sky that I liked, and that persuaded me to stick with the colour version, so here we are. I could have jacked up the vibrancy a bit more, but didn’t feel like making it look too unnatural.

I took this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/100 and f6.5 with an ISO of 800.

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