People celebrating a birthday in a crude manner


It’s my moms birthday today. I figured I would get some party supplies and take a photo to commemorate that. I would have gotten a cake, but I’ve still got a mountain of candy from my trip to the US, so I don’t need to be doing myself any further disservice.

My mom is still still enjoying a busy life on Vancouver island with lots of volunteer work, and most recently, clogging (She’s probably on the left).

I figured I’d take a Happy Birthday picture for the occasion, but do what I could to add some punch to the image. To do so, I plopped a flash on the floor with a blue gel and MagSphere on it. With that pointing at the wall, I tried to set lights to hit Lauren and myself with as little spill as possible so that the blue wouldn’t get washed out. This proves difficult, as my room has a lot of white walls that reflect. After a few tries though, we got things into a decent spot for the picture shown here.

I took this with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/100 and f5 with an ISO of 200.

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