Sidewalk's Ending

Sidewalk’s Ending

HA! Fun fact, yesterday I took this picture, and then we came home, had dinner, watched a movie and went to sleep. Today, when we were out at the park, I remembered that I completely forgot to post the picture.

When Vahida got home from work, I wanted to go look at some headphones at Bay Bloor Radio because the ones that come with Samsung phones suck. I know that some people are big fans of the standard in ear headphone, but I find they don’t stay in. Because of this I have been wearing the ones that come with Apple phones because they do stay in pretty well. The issue is that the controls don’t work so instead of being able to change the volume or skipping a song or talking on the phone with them, you have to pull the phone out. This lead me to grabbing a pair of Bose that fit really nicely. On our way to the store, I grabbed this shot.

Samsung Note 4, 1/25 of a second, F2.2 and ISO 160. Yesterday was beautiful.

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