Guy looking over city

Bring me dat horizon

While out on a hilltop balcony, I was adoring the view of San Jose down below, and trying to think of any potential picture opportunity available aside from the city itself.

There were only a couple ceiling lights back near the venue, and I didn’t have any gear with my aside from the body and lens, so my hopes weren’t high.

Nevertheless, rather than just not think about it, I reminded myself that I could always give it a try, and if it doesn’t work out, delete it. I asked Lauren’s brother if he could spare a moment, and due to being an awesome dude, he was happy to comply. It might have been due to other things as well, but he’s an awesome dude, so I’m happy with that reason.

I had him look out over the city, cranked my ISO as high as I could, opened up my aperture as wide as I could, and slowed the shutter duration as much as I was comfortable with while handholding at 85mm. I’m happy with the result.

This was taken using an 85mm lens at 1/80 and f1.8, with an ISO of 6400

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