Sriracha sauce

Everything delicious in our world originates from a bottle like this.

My mouth burns. I’m a fool. A damn fool. But at least I have a photo. The burning isn’t from the Sriracha, of course. That stuff is straight up ambrosia. If you have something you can eat, it should probably have some Sriracha on it. As we recently had the good fortune of celebrating the finishing of a bottle, followed by the even more exciting adventure of procuring a new bootle, I figured I would use it for a little product shot before cracking it open to rain down on flavour country.

Photo setup

The setup

I used my 24-70mm lens to shoot this so I could get nice and close while zoomed to 35mm, which gave the perspective and reflection I was looking for. I then took my bigger softbox and put it behind the bottle pointing towards it to give the white streak you see coming down the left side. I positioned the smaller one directly above and pointing down. The initial desire for this was to restrict light bleed onto the back wall as much as possible, but I also managed to get a nice Tesla Logo looking reflection along the top of the bottle from it, so added bonus there. I put a MagGrid and Magsphere with a red gel on my flash and pointed that at the wall. The effort of having as little light as possible bleed to the back wall helped keep the red nice and vibrant.

Everything looked satisfactory, but I wanted a little more than just the bottle. A quick look in the kitchen revealed a bag called “Dried Hottest Chilli”. The ingredients list consisted of “Hottest Chilli”. They made for a nice touch visually.

Rather than throw them back in the bag, I figured I would try one and determine if they were indeed the hottest, or just some silly Engrish.


Well, how bad could it be?

Realizing they aren't a great substitute for Doritos

Realizing they aren’t a great substitute for Doritos

The exact moment I realize I've made a huge mistake

The exact moment I realize I’ve made a huge mistake

How I always fix my mistakes

How I always fix my mistakes

I took this with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/30 and f4, with an ISO of 100.

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