Genuine class

Genuine class

This one went well. For every shot I post, there are generally varying degrees of tweaking I do in Lightroom, and on the odd occasion, Photoshop. What it entails can vary from reducing highlights, brightening shadows, or upping the contrast. I’m always trying to do all I can to get as much right in camera, because that minimal bit of effort and attention at the time of taking the shot means a reduction in time required later on as I’m sitting in front of the computer. As the year has progressed, I’ve found the less of that, the better.

This is why I’m pleased with this shot, because I feel like I didn’t need to do much work in post. In fact, I’m still not even 100% sure if I prefer the final shot vs. the original. Here is what it looked like straight out of camera without any touchups:


Original class

Slightly muted, but all in all, I’m just fairly darn pleased with what resulted. It’s a good feeling. Still, hopefully I’ll look back at this later and think “I should have done _____”, as one wouldn’t want to become complacent.

I took this with my 50mm lens, shooting at 1/100 and f8, with an ISO of 100. I had a flash reflecting from an umbrella to my left, and a flash with a Magsphere behind the subject to light the wall.

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