Rings of Fire

Rings of Fire

Tonight, we did a little pickle and I will be completely honest, I am terrified of these. At the beginning of summer, Vahida and I wanted a balcony garden. We ventured out, got all the supplies, and went to some nurseries to get what we wanted to grow. While we were browsing all the options, Vahida saw Hot Banana Peppers. Now little known fact about Vahida – she apparently loves banana peppers.

We did our plant purchase, got home, planted and waited for the growing to start. A while later we had our first read to eat banana pepper. It wasn’t red yet, but we were tired of waiting so we cut it off, sliced it up and had a try.

It was hot.

I don’t mean “ohhh, this has a little kick” hot here. I mean, this was a horse smacking you in the face with both hind legs hot. Not to toot my own horn, but I am no stranger to hot. Growing up with Greg Harris, my life was filled with hot in all shapes and sizes. Now being married into an Indian family, hot is everywhere I go and I handle it better than most of them. What I mean by this is that when I say this was hot, trust that.

As the growing went on, we cut off a few more, but this time waiting for them to get devil red. The spice factor was not any better. Now the other day we did a big harvest of them and Vahida wanted to pickle them up so that we can enjoy them on burgers, wraps and anything else we can dream up. At the moment, while they are in the jar, this sounds well and good.

But I am terrified for the day they are ready.

Samsugn NX3000, 1/20 of a second, F5.6 and ISO 3200. Today was rather warm.

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