My brother

Hanging out in my hood.

I’ve seen my brother more in the past seven months than I have in the past four years. Twice. I’ve also seen my parents twice this calendar year, which is double the standard amount since I moved to Ontario 8 years ago. It’s been a pretty great year for Weir family connectivity.

As I had his company around, I figured it would be a nice thing to get a picture of us together. An opportunity where we are both “in the room” doesn’t come up very often, and even when it does, there isn’t always a photographer present to take a shot. Luckily this time the ever capable Lauren was present and able to help a brother out.

It ended up being pretty sunny out, and it was also midday. This means harsh light, harsh shadows, and lots of squinting. Nothing really flattering going on with that. What’s the best way to combat those sunny day scenarios for portraiture? Find some shade. In this case it was the shade of our line of houses that provided just enough space for us to have a picture taken with even lighting (So long as I stood on the left). The background was a bit bright, but nothing too unwieldy, so for what we had to work with, it seemed optimal.

I took this with my 50mm lens. The depth of field was my first priority. I wanted it to have a blurred background as much as possible, but wanted the two of us to remain relatively sharp from front to back. f2.8 took care of that. I then bumped ISO to 200 so that the appropriate shutter duration would be 1/320 of a second, which should be fast enough to keep things from shaking for Lauren. With those settings locked in, I handed the camera over to her, and the fate of the shots rested in her hands after that point. This was her result:

My brother and I

This pleases me

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