Canada mountains

Not a condo in site

North America has loads of variation in geography, thanks to its massive size. In my area, all you tend to see is the horizon over the lake, or the escarpment line. I remember driving through Saskatchewan, and there was just nothingness in every direction. Totally flat. No indicators of progress in your journey. The West coast welcomes you to mountain ranges floating behind every view. I love it.

This is a mountain range that isn’t quite “Rocky Mountain” caliber, but still fairly formidable, taken from a plane. Due to the altitude and humidity, there was a considerable amount of haze, so did what I could to keep some contrast and range in the shot. That said, it is definitely close to (if not over) the line of “over-processed” for my liking.

I took this with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/500 and f8, with an ISO of 100

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