Colourful forks

Almost fall colours

In the mood for a macro abstract kind of jam. Mabstracto. I figured the best way to do that would be to jam some forks together, place them on some leaves, and get some nice fall colours going.

My leaf variety proved underwhelming and not very potent in the colours, so I decided to skimp out on the fall look, and just jam some Starburst Jellybeans into the mix. The neat thing about Starburst Jellybeans is that they are the greatest achievement of mankind and work for anything. Snacks, colours for a fork reflection, breakfast. Anything. What you see below is what I used to make what you see above.

Behind the scenes

If I did it, here’s how it happened

I took this with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/4 of a second and f14, with an ISO of 100. I kept the ISo a bit lower (in Macro world terms) to make sure the background didn’t show much texture.

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