November 30 – Jamie

Compact Discs have neat reflective properties. A hidden rainbow in every single one. I wanted to play with that a bit, and see that kind of colours and reflections I could bring out. Unfortunately things got cut a bit short, as it’s already late and I have a very long work day ahead of me […]

November 30 – Chuck

One month left. It has really been one hell of a challenge this year, but it is crazy to think there is only 31 days left of pictures. I wanted to try some more match shots today, and my idea was motion. At first I thought I would stand and get a shot of the […]

November 29 – Chuck

Quick and easy one for today. I have wanted to do something like this for a little while, but I keep forgetting to buy those sparkler things. I still haven’t, but thought I would try a candle – which in turned caused me to get wax everywhere. It was a lot of fun. Canon 7D, […]

November 29 – Jamie

I walk through this tunnel whenever I go to work in Toronto. It’s generally filled with people. They are generally moving at quite a hustle. On weekend though, outside of sporting event or concert hours, it is barren. Pedestrian underpasses at train stations have a neat consistency where no matter how new/old they are, they […]

November 28 – Jamie

“Quiet Toronto” always appeals to me. I’m so used to seeing too many people around me all of the time in every place when I’m downtown. Capturing instances of minimal action is enjoyable. My coworker and friend has moved into a new place downtown, and some of us got together to brunch up the place. […]

November 28 – Chuck

Oh the sweet potato. This shot required that I stop the black and white theme and go full colour! We were at Loblaws today and as I was looking at the vegetables, I was thinking about something for a picture. I saw the sweet potatoes and thought that would be a neat idea, but I […]

November 27 – Jamie

Here is an important focus stacking lesson: Too much is preferable to not enough. When trying to focus stack and make sure every element of the object is in focus, if you miss so much as a smidge of depth, the entire shebang is basically a bust. I discovered that after the fact, so I […]

November 26 – Chuck

Oh delicious garlic! You can’t not love it and I am pretty sure my wife loves it more than is normal. I have a little theme going so far this week, and I wanted to keep it up, but also use this tissue paper background again. I am really liking how it turns out, but […]

November 26 – Jamie

This took a bit of digging to identify,┬ábut this thing is a Pied-billed Grebe. They hang out in marshes or marshlike environments, and eat fish or fish-like substances. Tiny though it may be, this is actually what the adults look like. I took this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/1000 and f13, using an […]