There’s a solid Groove Armada song about this

This wasn’t intended to get posted until I’d confirmed it, but my computer has broken down, and that leaves me with little on my priority list beyond “get it fixed”, so here we are.

This picture is currently in the process of becoming a wallpaper for an office work room, and that’s pretty exciting to me. After so many years of having a high resolution camera, I might finally get to see something printed larger than an 8×10.

Fingers crossed for that. Fingers also crossed for saving my desktop. Good thing I backed up most of my images on the weekend.

I took this with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/6 of a second and f5, with an ISO of 100. Tripod came in handy.

One thought on “November 2 – Jamie

  1. Wallpaper, as in actual wallpaper on a vertical wall in an actual room? Sounds big. Good luck with your computer.

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