Purp 'n Yella Purp 'n Yella Purp 'n Yella

Purp ‘n Yella Purp ‘n Yella Purp ‘n Yella

Might as well get some more colour stuff out of my system. I walked by this plant several times and didn’t pay too too much heed. It was pretty, and purple, but I didn’t really see much I could do with it at first.

Once I saw the sunlight hitting the painted concrete behind it though, thing start to get poppin’. I got up close and positioned myself so that the concrete would be out of focus in the background, and provide almost textureless colour. The result was a shot that made the plant really jump out.

I took this with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/500 and f16 with an ISO of 200.

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