Just in time

Lauren went to a baby shower on the weekend, and it helped further hammer in the fact that I have absolutely no idea what actually is supposed to go on at a baby shower, because she came home with prizes. Alright.

Some of the prizes were flowers, including some of the coolest blue/teal flowers I’ve seen. They were so amazingly vibrant. Lauren suggested I take picture of them before they die, and I realized today they’re getting close to that point, so… better get on that.

Since my first desire was to take a picture of these sweet sweet colours, I figured I’d try and see what I could do to use them, rather than showcase them. I grabbed some of the other flowers Lauren got, and put the vibrant stuff in the background. FUN!

I took this with my 90mm macros lens, shooting at 1/15 of a second an f25, with an ISO of 100. I had a large softbox to the left angled slightly away from the camera to get some more spill on the background, and another small softbox directly above, pointing down.

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