Girl at a ticket station

The last days of disco

It feels like ages since I’ve thought about a shot and then acted upon it after said thought, rather than just going out and grabbing something in the moment. Looking back in the archive that doesn’t seem to actually be the case, but in doing this daily, these gaps can feel like eternity.

I think what makes me happy with this one is that I look at it, and what I see is what I was trying to convey.  Which is to say that my output actually matched my concept for a change.

We drove in to Toronto for an event, and upon finding a place to park, I noticed how isolated things felt at the payment meter. There was the one lone light shining down upon it, but otherwise the area was barely lit. During the event I kept thinking about that meter, and had a desire to try and take a picture of a person standing there with a very isolated and alone feeling.

When we got back I asked Lauren to stand in front of the machine for me as I took some shots from a few different distances.  I ended up preferring the one I took from farther away, as it had so much empty space above that it really hammered in that isolation feeling.  Also, this just feels like something different.

I took this with my 50mm lens, shooting at 1/100 and f1.8 with an ISO of 100. Having a tripod would have been helpful.

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