Sea lion

The Sea Lion with the pearl poopstain (working title)

Today is my father’s birthday, but I don’t have another picture of him beyond what I already took this year, so here is the next best thing.

The underbelly of Santa Cruz Pier is a hotbed of lazy sea lion activity.   They loaf about down there with the seagulls, competing for prime pillar real-estate. Once they succeed in landing their spot of choice, they will stretch out, relax, and then stretch more and relax harder. It is like a constant battle of showmanship regarding who can look the most stretched and mellow.

I got a shot of this one just as it noticed me and went “Yes. Good. Look at me. Look at this. Look at all I am, and what you will never become. You with your silly legs and hairless skin. That picture you take will be the closest you will ever reach towards this perfection, so make it a good one.”

I don’t mind it.

This was taken with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/200 and f6, with an ISO of 800.

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