Two Cormorants flying together

Still a wretched creature

For someone who thinks Cormorants are horrible beasts that bring shame upon the bird world, I sure do end up with a lot of Cormorant photos.

I ended up hanging around a large rock formation by the Skyway bridge that was home to many Cormorants. Like all other rock formations nested by them, it’s easily identified by being covered with poop. During this hangout, there were a few instances of some heading out or heading in. In this particular instance two were heading out, and I started tracking them. Once I realized they were going to kind of intercept, I tried to time things to get a shot of that.

The result reminds me of the Flag of Albania, only instead of a noble double-headed eagle, it’s a couple of these turds.

This was taken with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/1250 and f5.6, with an ISO of 640

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