Drops on a CD

A compact disc for your home stereo

Compact Discs have neat reflective properties. A hidden rainbow in every single one. I wanted to play with that a bit, and see that kind of colours and reflections I could bring out. Unfortunately things got cut a bit short, as it’s already late and I have a very long work day ahead of me tomorrow.

At one point I started playing around with gels to add different colours. In this case I had a purple gel to me left, and a blue one to my right. That caused this shot to catch my eye as I was looking through the candidates, as I have no idea where that green came from.

Another thing I noticed while looking was that the images seemed rather noisy. Especially for shooting at an ISO of 100. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the noise blurred along with the depth of field, at which point it clicked that this wasn’t sensor noise, but the actual pattern of the data on the disc itself.

DVD data texture

What you’re looking at roughly translates into introductory photography tutorials. …And water

I also tested a Blu-Ray disc, but results were mostly the same, with more wavy refraction.

This was taken using a 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/160 and f29, with an ISO of 100. Shutter speed didn’t matter, as the only light coming in was from the strobes on both sides.

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