December 31 – Jamie

Well, that’s the end of that chapter. My plan was to end this with a quick and dirty “Whatever” photo of me passed out on the couch. That changed a bit as soon as I got downstairs, though. I decided I wanted Worrible to be in the shot with me. I decided I wanted to […]

December 30 – Jamie

Ooooooh Osprey. I wasn’t content to only have the two most common bird of prey in my collection from the year, so some tactical wandering found me along the flightlines of a couple Osprey by the water. Now I can sit cozy in the three zone. ┬áMmmmmmm. Last bird shot of the year probably! Taken […]

December 29 – Chuck

What a toss up. I took a vote on this one to see what Vahida, Mom and Dad liked best out of three, and we all came up with different choices all in all, but Mom and Vahida had a preference to this one. I will concede that it is the winner. Today we went […]

December 29 – Jamie

Lauren had just finished doing her makeup for work, and I had a brief window between then and her heading out to get a picture I was after. In her world, she had a brief window between then and her heading out to eat some food. Our priorities were not aligned. I had to be […]

December 28 – Chuck

I had this idea a while back of a water balloon popping and getting a shot where the water is still in a ball form. I knew this would be a little tricky, and I also knew I needed someone silly enough to do it with. Enter my nephew Cameron who was the perfect little […]

December 28 – Jamie

Hoo-wee, it’s a chilly one out there. I figured I’d post a shot of what I now consider to be the oft neglected House Sparrow. That bird that is always there. The bird that when you hear a bit nearby, it’s probably one of these. The most common and generic bird, it seems. And due […]