Guy holding tray of cupcakes

Estranged cousin of the muffin man

Today was one of those “leave for work at 7am and get home at 10pm” days. There was somewhere in the area of 500 photos taken, and none of them would really be of interest to anyone other than the people at the event in which the shots were taken. Since that population and the population of people that would read this post make up a two-circle venn diagram, I’m going to save myself from going over them over the next however many hours, and instead go for one I remember as being kind of interesting.

Like me, this gentleman was one of the help. Only instead of taking pictures of people, he was giving cupcakes to people. I don’t have to guess which one of us was more loved by the attendees. I was using what I could of a “wacky photo booth” and repurposing it to take some shots of the award winners that evening, and between shots he walked by, and I got a nice action pose of his top tier presentation skills.

This also shows how important it is to have a rim light in portraits. Especially if it’s against a dark background. Otherwise if the subject is also wearing dark (as one of the prize winners was), things can very easily just blend together. In this situation, there was no rim light, so I tried to make sure he was close enough to the camera that the lights would fall off enough in the distance between him and the background to cause his clothing to come out lighter.

This was taken with a 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/125 (Could have been anything under 1/250 since it was all lit by the strobes) and f11, with an ISO of 100. There were two high powered strobes on each side. The right one was at about 3/4 the power of the left one.


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