Puddin tat

There is a cat in our house. I know this because my face it itchy. My arms are itchy. My everything is itchy. Also, there is a cat sleeping on the couch. Some might say that is the greatest tell of all.

While there is the detrimental impact of destroying the exterior of the husk that is my body, it brings with it some perks. There is something in the house now that enjoys pats on the head and belly rubs.

With the lack of rimlight from yesterday’s shot still fresh in mind, I had a grand idea of taking a picture of Trinity with just rim lighting, which would result in a mostly black shot, save for the bright outline of a cat profile. This task proved difficult, as rather than pose with nobility and grandeur, Trinny was much happier to lay in a corner and ignore me.

Defeated, I tried to think of how I could make use of her just laying down not wanting to do anything. What else is useless and just lays around? Babies! I was a baby once! I even still have the blanket from my baby photos! I’m going to take a picture of Trinny lying on my baby blanket!

It all seemed profound at the time, but as I write about it now, I’m letting out a slow “Whaaaaaat?”. In any case, I set up my blanket on the ottoman, and then persuaded her to sit there (I picked her up and put her down there). After all of half a second, she deemed it nap worthy and plonked down. With her decently inert, I set up to making a backdrop more pleasant than my living room couches, so I took some kitchen chairs and draped her regular blanket over them. Grabbed a strobe and pointed it at the wall behind me to give a nice bight source that would make for some large catchlights in her big ol’ kittycat eyes, and this was the result.

I shot this using a 24-70mm lens, at 1/80 and f2.8, with an ISO of 200.

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