Munchkin the game


On Saturday, we bought a new board game that I have been wanting to get for a little while. The concept of the game is something that I find pretty great, and the art work and cleverness of the game really takes it to a new level of awesome. At first look, you would think this is a kids game, but once you read into it, you learn that it is very much a fun, funny adult game. The concept is to gain levels, defeat monsters and make the lives of the other players miserable. How can you pass up on a game with a slogan like “Kill the Monsters. Steal the Treasure. Stab your Buddy.” The rules can be a little complex at first, but as we started to play, things started to make more sense. By the second play through, we had a pretty good sense of things, but I will admit, we totally cheated the first game. Each card has this well written, humorous element and you can tell that the makers had a lot of fun. As we read the instructions, it was hard to keep a straight face. My kind of game!

I have player three rounds now and I can say that this is on my list of favorite games and I am excited to play it more.

Canon 7D, 30 seconds, F18, ISO 100. Today was decent outside – not as wintery as it should be.

Here is an alternative shot that I took. I wish I had a bigger white surface to use, or something I can use as a seamless cove, but this is a hobby and you have to use what you got.

Munchkin Alternative

Munchkin Alternative

Note: I have been a little sick the last few days and because of that, I have been lazy with posting photos. Weekends lately have been a little on the iffy side, but this weekend, we went out to a friends house and got home rather late. On Sunday, I woke up with the worst of the cold hitting me and come time to take or post a photo, I just didn’t have it in me. Instead, I have posted three today. Hope you can check them all out.

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