A good example of a happy eye

This is your eye.

This is your eye on cats.

Eye with allergies


While looking at the itch factory that was my right eye (The one I don’t really need, luckily), I noticed that it was actually kind of swollen like a blister. I’m sure this is totally normal in the world of allergic reactions, but that doesn’t stop it from looking and feeling like a total horror show. It seemed like an ideal thing to take a picture of, because when I think of other opportunities I might have to capture such a thing, my desired result is “Please never…”

So I got my big softbox up beside my face, tethered my camera to my tablet, and gently tried coordinate a shot by looking at the tablet and thinking “That might work” and then trying to look up and trigger the shutter before I move out of position.

These were taken with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/100 and f18, using ISO 800.

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