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The feelings behind my relationship with Eric Conlon are a blessing and a curse. On one side I can go a year and a half without seeing him, and we just chat and discuss without missing a beat, which is a wonderful bond to have. On the other side, it means I don’t worry about the thought of going a year and a half without seeing him, because things are able to just lock in so cohesively when we inevitably meet up again. That complacency upsets me.

Eric is my oldest friend by about thirty seconds or so, as I was introduced to my other friend Tom immediately after, and the three of us proceeded to grow up together for the my entire childhood. I don’t count anything before the age of 6, because I was an idiot and didn’t realize I needed to hit the record button on my life yet.

Because of the length our history stretches, it gives a much greater oomph when we discuss things like the fact that we are in our thirties. It not only makes me realize how much time has passed, but I can do so with this specific reference point that can be used for marking all of those instances now long gone. 24 years later, and here we are eating reasonably priced Chinese buffet in what feels like the empty shell of a failed Indian buffet (Possibly because it looks like the empty shell of a failed Indian buffet, due to being the empty shell of a failed Indian buffet).

I don’t think I have enough people photos this year. This is likely due to my not taking many pictures of people. I don’t sit around wondering how it ever got this way. Insofar I have not yet been able to break through the anxiety of asking a stranger I find interesting if I can take their picture, so I might as well at least try to practice breaching that wall on a friend. Eric was kind enough to oblige.

Part of our conversation was on the topic of taking photos of people, and my distaste for people posing or smiling for the camera, because it’s often not them. It’s a picture of someone posing rather than truly smiling, and that’s why I usually avoid it and go for candids. Something I really like about Eric is the way he smiles with his eyes when he’s genuinely happy. I think I see that here.

I took this with my 85mm lens, shooting at 1/80 and f1.8, using ISO 1600.

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