:ong billed curlew

Looking for trouble

This little one is a Long Billed Curlew. They seem to enjoy hanging out on beaches eating the little bugs.  They were most often hanging by the water, and as the waves pulled out they would run along behind them and peck at the sand, trying to get all the little insects tucked away in the sand. They would get what they could before the next wave came in, and then run back up. It was entertaining to watch the routine.

This more adventurous one was searching around on the rocks instead of doing the standard sand routine. I’m not sure if it yielded better results for it, but it provided a nice shot for me just before the sun was up.

I got this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/1000, f6.3, and ISO 1250.

2 thoughts on “December 11 – Jamie

    • 1/3 observation 2/3 trying to figure out what the hell the thing I just observed is called, and then reading up the other information when I finally find results. Cornell is a great resource.

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