Babel city

Getting a shot of Hamilton without the steel works somewhere in the way is a bit of a tricky task, so I decided to just embrace it. There was enough haze over the lake to make the scenery take on different tones based on distance. Here we have the steel factories in the foreground, with the downtown core of Hamilton sitting behind it.

I only spent a year living in Hamilton, but being my first year living away from home it was a period of growth and change for me as a person. Of course, looking back at it now, I was clearly still an immature child that had no place out in the world, but at the time it felt like I was doing big things. The tower in the middle is Jackson Square. I worked at a movie theatre there, and the majority of my life that year was either walking down from the escarpment to go to work, or walking down the street to to go to school.

My roommate and I wrote stories about a fictional version of Hamilton that was run by a corrupt corporation called Babel, and the tower to the left was their headquarters. In reality it’s a rental apartment building called Landmark Place, but I will never be able to think of it as that. I’m still baffled as to how I made it through that year without getting typhoid or scurvy, but it seems things worked out. While I may not frequent Hamilton very much these days, I definitely look over at it a lot more, and remember all the ideas and adventures that happened in 2003/2004. Every once in a while I can also put on a very specific playlist of music that puts me right back there.

I took this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/1600, f14, and ISO 200

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