Fat squirrel

Samba de Amigo!

I took a vacation day today in order to go to Lasalle Park in search of an owl that’s been hanging out in the area. I was sidelined by a huge amount of fog by the waterfront, and no owl. Those two factors combined made getting the owl picture difficult.

I suppose the no owl factor combined with just about any other one would make getting the owl picture difficult as well.

While walking around, there were a lot of squirrels. I mean, I get that squirrels should be in parks like this, but the volume was considerable. Being skittish creatures, I decided to mess around a bit and see how they would react if I was the one that acted terrified of them. So instead of the usual situation of them pausing when a human is near and then taking the perfect moment to retreat, I would backstep quickly any time one moved towards me.

Given that Lasalle has a lot of human traffic, I’m sure these batches are already pretty comfortable around people, but I was still surprised at how willing they were to come right up to me after I started doing my retreats. One ended up running up so close to me I couldn’t even focus my lens that distance.

Of all the ones I saw today, this big ol’ fatty was my favourite. Between the zero fear of me and the orange tufts at the ear tips, I was happy with this one to post as yet another squirrel shot.

Taken with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/400 and f6.3, using ISO 2000.

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