Master Chief Toy

Merry Chiefmas

My portable octabox arrived today, so I decided I needed to use it for something. Unfortunately, I’ve got nobody around to stand in as a model aside from a cat. I opted to take Master Chief off the shelf and set him up in a nice pose. The kind of pose a cool guy that doesn’t look at an explosion would have shortly before explosions are going to start taking place.

Behind the scenes

If I did it, here’s how.

Step one was taking the Christmas tree off the shelf so I could position Master Chief in front of it at the angle I was after. Since the distance between the tree and MC is so large, the bulbs are rendered into the nice soft circular shapes. On the right I had my Octabox firing down on him, making a massive soft light source. The tray he was standing on also doubled as a reflector bringing the glow from below. Finally I had a gridded light coming from the upper left to make sure he was separated from the black background.  The cat supervised and Daft Punk played on the stereo. Standard holidays.

I took this with my 85mm lens, shooting at 1/15 and f4, using ISO 100.

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