You are difficult!

Put your butt on your steering wheel and start driving folks, because it’s snowing out!

I’ve made a few attempts to take a photograph of a snowflake in prior years, and it’s never worked out well enough to even bother trying to start the post processing phase.

It started snowing as I went out for groceries today, and the flakes were piling nicely on our table out front. I decided if the situation was the same when I got home, I’d try and put a concerted effort into taking a snowflake photo.

The process started with trying to get a shot of flakes on the table, but my instability coupled with the texture of the table weren’t working. I then grabbed a scarf and laid it down, which allowed it to collect flakes easily, but unless one dropped perfectly on the peak of the scarf, the fabric was fairly distracting. At this point I also got my tripod.

Finally I went and grabbed my acrylic board, and put it down. This helped me see how delicate snowflakes are, because they were melting immediately due to the board being room temperature. After about ten minutes, the board was cold enough that flakes wouldn’t melt right away, and I was able to get at it.

This is definitely a process that requires perfect conditions, and wouldn’t hurt to have a focusing rail and greater than 1:1 magnification. Maybe that can be a project for next year.

I used my 90mm macro lens for this, shooting at 1/50 and f40, with an ISO of 100. I held a flash to the left in order to get some light on the flakes.

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